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Windy City’s New Programs Have Integrators in Mind

The cable accessories firm is offering training and certification in many areas, including electronic systems and specialized software.

Chicago, IL–Windy City Wire will offer advanced training and certification programs to integrators. In addition to keeping technicians up-to-date with the latest technology through training seminars, manufacturer meetings and vendor shows, Windy City Wire also certifies technicians on electronic systems.

Windy City Wire is currently certifying technicians on the Corporate Edition of Kantech, an access control software. The certification on Kantech gives integrators training on access control, proximity readers and cards, and other security equipment. The technology department at Windy City Wire is trained and certified in many programs including IEI, International Electronics Inc., an access control company.

The staff at Windy City Wire trains integrators on SmartWire and the SmartWire System Design Tool, as well, through training seminars and meetings. SmartWire is a low-voltage cable product that acts a tape measure, toner, tester, and a label maker.

The training and certification programs are conducted at either Windy City Wire’s facility or at the facility of the technician. A 50-person training room in the company’s new headquarters will allow for in-depth training sessions on SmartWire and the SmartWire System Design Tool, among other topics. The headquarters will also have a SmartWire showcase area to demonstrate how SmartWire is labeled and used in conjunction with various devices.

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