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Wirepath Bulk Wire Updates Product Line

Wirepath, a division of Charlotte-based SnapAV, has rebranded its bulk wire family from Binary to Wirepath.

Wirepath, a division of Charlotte-based SnapAV — designer, manufacturer, and source of more than 1,800 electronic home solutions for residential and commercial channels, according to the company — has rebranded its bulk wire family from Binary to Wirepath.

“We designed the Wirepath brand based on installer feedback,” said Lisa Pienta, category manager at Wirepath Bulk Wire. “These days, homeowners have punchdowns of landlines, cable, and satellite boxes, plus network and streaming devices. Having the right foundation for that equipment is critical to their success.”

As a result, Wirepath built the brand from the package up, and its new box is made of thick, water-resistant cardboard with reinforced handles so an integrator can take it around a job site with ease. Wirepath also features patented Reelex technology in order to prevent snags, tangles, and kinks, providing an easy out-of-box pull so an installer can work quickly and efficiently.

“When you’re working in the field, you need to know that your most basic gear won’t let you down,” said Pienta. “Our redesign solves some of the most frustrating issues an installer can have.”