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Wisdom Audio Sets Sights on Luxury Marine Pleasure Craft Cabins

Carson City, NV — Wisdom Audio has now set its sights on luxury pleasure craft cabins with its new Sage Series speaker systems. Now shipping, Wisdom Audio has recently brought to market more than 20 Sage Series models, encompassing in-wall, on-wall, and freestanding versions of most configurations ranging from 20 inches to 76 inches tall.

“Whether the luxury pleasure craft is one’s primary residence, or a short- or long-term retreat, we have designed our new award-winning Sage Series for multiple configurations so they may also be utilized and enjoyed in high-end marine in-cabin applications,” explained Mark Glazier, Wisdom Audio president. “To most, larger yachts, cabin cruisers, and the like are a home away from home. Their owners want to include as many comparable luxury entertainment conveniences as possible in their pleasure crafts as they do in their houses.”

But, according to Glazier, many such high-end home entertainment audio-video systems are ill-suited for marine in-cabin enjoyment because most high-quality speakers tend to be too cumbersome and not designed for the environmental rigors of marine applications.

“Wisdom has designed the Sage Series with this in mind,” Glazier continued. “The Sage Series, because of its proprietary technologies and numerous form factors in both casing and number of speaker configurations (anywhere from 2.1 to 7.3 systems), can be utilized as standalone, on-wall, or- in-wall, so they are adaptable to both smaller and larger marine cabins. Also, in order to insure the highest degree of reliability when exposed to the most extreme marine environmental conditions, Wisdom Audio has submitted all key components to severe environmental testing.

During successful testing, Wisdom Audio’s Sage Series components were exposed to 85 degrees Celsius at 85 percent relative humidity for a period of ten days, temperature cycling from minus 40 degrees Celsius to plus 105 degrees Celsius with a two hour dwell time at each extreme for a period of five days, and salt fog exposure at 95 degrees Fahrenheit with a five percent mist of salt solution for 48 hours.

Besides the number of speaker choices, multiple center channels, an in-wall subwoofer, integrated Audyssey Laboratories room correction software, and dedicated electronics round out the new product offerings. Sage Series speakers incorporate new generation proprietary thin film planar magnetic drivers which allow for its narrow and shallow physical characteristics, thus permitting the unprecedented possibility of the same driver complement and back box to be used for such varied applications, ranging from in-wall to on-wall to freestanding use.

Wisdom is offering the pleasure craft owner a unique addition to the state-of-the-art through the incorporation of new, proprietary Wisdom Audio designed transducer technology, an innovative in-wall mounting system yielding improved sonic and structural characteristics, bi-amplified systems employing dedicated amplifiers, and an electronic crossover-equalizer that utilizes Audyssey room correction software. The inclusion of all of these elements in each of the Sage Series systems and the resulting performance achieved differentiates Wisdom’s offerings from all other known architectural and in-room solutions. And the freestanding product allows Wisdom to deliver a high performance planar magnetic-hybrid series of products, designed in a narrow and shallow cabinet, which has a small physical and visual footprint.

“We knew we had a winner with the Sage Series during development because there is no other high-end loudspeaker system like it anywhere, and multiple awards as well as exceptional customer and additional editorial feedback confirm our belief,” Glazier concluded. “The new Sage Series has it all…from design to aesthetic appeal to, most importantly, industry category-leading performance. The discerning consumer who wants to bring high-end audio to their pleasure craft will be sure to want to consider the new Sage Series.”