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WTRS Report Highlights Lawsuits Over Home Automation Patents

West Technologys new report focuses on a major light control manufacturer that is rigorously defending its patents.

Mountain View, CA–A new report by West Technology Research Solutions revealed last month that the manufacturers of home control and automation products based on ZigBee, Z-Wave, and other RF-only technologies face significant litigation from Lutron Corporation. The findings, part of the “Residential Wireless Control Network IP and Patent Report,” examine the business impact of litigation on the market segment.

“Lutron owns a significant portfolio of patents and other intellectual property, including brand names, industrial designs, and product dress, and their use of this portfolio to protect their business is very impressive,” said Dr. Kirsten West, principal analyst of WTRS. “Lutron is quietly but successfully protecting their intellectual property assets in the area of wireless lighting control; any company that hopes to establish markets in this field ignores Lutron at their peril. To be aware of Lutron’s tactics and expertise is just plain smart business.”

WTRS gathered information for its report from public patent sources, filing information, court activities, and other research. The company hopes the information will prove valuable to companies looking to get into the home control and automation segment.

A Lutron representative had no comment on the report, but said the company will always aggressively protect its U.S. and international patents.