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Xantech Launches Nationwide Training Program

Slymar, CA – Xantech has established a new nationwide training program for its DDS Digital Delivery System. Participants will have the opportunity to become Xantech “Certified Digital Delivery Specialists,” and gain significant insight into changes in their markets and how these changes affect business.

One of Xantech’s training goals is to provide integrators with insight based on extensive research, ultimately providing them the big picture of the housing market’s future. This training/educational experience began on July 27 and will go through September in nearly 50 cities nationwide.

Using current research from the Consumer Electronics Association, The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and many other sources, Xantech has identified the market and social shifts that will change home entertainment technology moving forward. These include:

– Smaller houses. Average home sizes will decline to a projected 2,300 square feet, down from the nearly 2,500 square feet at the height of the construction boom.

– Wider use of wireless solutions by consumers, who will need to be made aware of the advantages of structured cabling and connection points within the next generation of homes. Studies show that while the percentage of homes with music, home theater and security systems has remained stable even as construction slowed, structured cabling’s market penetration has declined.

– Increased cost sensitivity in residential construction, which will require systems integrators to make the case with homebuilders for more affordable and reliable wired solutions often and early in the construction process.

– Home entertainment center trends. Smaller homes and video moving to the wall in the form of LCD and plasma TVs means a greater need to hide A/V components and wiring. With smaller homes, customers will need to maximize their living space. Installers will need to know the best ways to conceal and control system components over greater distances and deliver precise and simple control to homebuyers.

Using DIGI-5 technology to distribute audio over advanced CAT-5 cabling, Xantech’s DDS Digital Delivery System has been designed to delivers a powerful, cost-effective, high-quality, and reliable multi-room audio solution for homes, multiple dwelling unit complexes, offices, businesses, hotels and any other spaces that require effective, efficient multi-zone audio, according to the company.

Xantech says that DDS is more economical to wire and install, because it uses Cat-5 cabling for the longest runs, and speaker wiring only in the room itself, from the keypad. That keypad features an advanced digital amplifier.

Xantech’s training program brings the DDS together with market trends. This training will produce Certified Digital Delivery Specialists who will be able to communicate and specify not only the DDS’s MRAV capabilities, but also the benefits of structured cabling in general for new-home construction.

“Xantech initiatives such as the training program enable installers to stay on top of these trends, which is important for the future of their business,” explains Graham Hallett, Xantech President.

Xantech’s director of marketing and business development Mark Cerasuolo added, “With this combination of DDS training and market research analysis, Xantech is offering systems integrators valuable knowledge that will boost their earnings potential, both by expanding the market for structured cabling and related MRAV products, and by serving as essential resources for homebuilders and buyers as the market enters new stages of growth.”