Xbox Joins Wireless Audio Association

Xbox is the First Video Gaming Brand to Embrace Wireless Multi-Channel Audio Through WiSA Membership
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The Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA) Association, an industry group dedicated to bringing high resolution, wireless, multi-channel audio products to the home theater market, has welcomed video gaming brand Xbox as its newest member.

This summer, Xbox marked a significant milestone with its unveiling of its most powerful console, Xbox One X, and its largest and most diverse games lineup in history.

Xbox now has become the WiSA Association’s first video gaming brand, putting it in a unique position of direct access to current member brands with the goal of delivering simple and powerful audio solutions, according to the association. Creating an immersive audio experience that sets up in minutes through the integration of WiSA technology will place gamers in the center of the action easier than ever before and create an entirely new and elevated gaming experience.

“We are excited to welcome Xbox and have them work alongside our speaker brand members to increase the in-market system offerings that can be created through the interoperability of WiSA technology,” said Tony Ostrom, president of WiSA. “Xbox delivers a fantastic gaming experience with premier audio alongside a significant amount of content into the homes of consumers, including TV shows, movies, and music. Together, we can create simple high-performance audio solutions through the integration of high definition wireless audio for all Xbox fans.”

WiSA’s technology can enable gamers to create any level of audio system that they desire and grow that system’s capabilities over time. WiSA eliminates the set-up and wiring requirements of traditional audio systems. WiSA’s interoperability testing means that users can feel confident that all WiSA-certified components from all brands will work reliably together. WiSA also ensures multi-channel transmission of low-latency, high-definition audio.

The WiSA Association consists of more than 30 member brands.