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Xperinet Adds RAID-6 to MIRV Media Servers

The company says it is the first to implement the data integrity protocol in a home media system.

Annapolis, MD–Xperinet, the media storage and IP media distribution firm, has implemented RAID-6 in its new top-of-the-line server models for 2007. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) 6 is the premier protocol used by enterprise storage area networks for maintaining data integrity. The system uses dual independent parity calculations to create a double-redundant striping array that protects the owner from a loss of data, even when multiple drives fail at the same time. While many storage component manufacturers have been switching to RAID-6 over the last year, Xperinet said it is the first to implement the technology in a home media system.

“People invest a lot of time and money loading content into a media server,” said John Cox, president of Xperinet. “They want to be sure their music and movies are safe. This is particularly important in a home environment where you don’t have the constant presence of a system administrator to monitor things. RAID-6 gives the customer an extra layer of protection that ensures the safety of their data.” Because RAID-6 uses a dual parity system, the MIRV product would have to experience a loss of three drives simultaneously to result in a loss of data. Given today’s drive reliability, such an incident would constitute a near statistical impossibility.

The Trident MIRV server, which sports eight 750GB SATA drives in a hot-swap chassis, weighs in at 4.5 terabytes, or enough storage for about 900 feature-length movies. Due to its accelerated throughput, it can support up to 20 HD video streams simultaneously served up to MIRV clients such as the Orion HD or Taurus HD. Trident servers are immediately available from your local Xperinet dealer.

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