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Xperinet Adopts Blu-ray

MIRV media servers will feature Blu-ray disc drives for storage and multi-point viewing of 1080p content.

Annapolis, MD–Xperinet, a developer of IP media networks, recently announced it will outfit its 2008 line of media servers and clients with Blu-ray drives. Scheduled to ship in October, the MIRV (Multiple Independent Replay Video) HD line of media servers will include a Blu-ray ROM drive for loading high-resolution 1080p MPEG-2 and H.264 files.

Xperinet is the first media server appliance to adopt Blu-ray for the custom installation market. “Xperinet’s leadership position in media servers for this industry strikes an important win for the Blu-ray camp,” remarked Aaron Chisena, Director of US Sales for Xperinet. “HD content is essential for revealing the capabilities of today’s 1080p displays, and no one wants to search through disks any more to find a movie.” The MIRV system not only stores video content, but also streams movies and music around the home so many users can have access to the same library simultaneously.

Xperinet will debut its Blu-ray enabled systems at the CEDIA trade show in Denver Colorado, September 6-9, 2007. Blu-ray equipped systems will begin shipping in October and an upgrade kit will be available for dealers to outfit existing MIRV servers in the field. Xperinet MIRV is available throughout the US, Europe, and Asia via Xperinet’s network of dealers and distributors.