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Xperinet Introduces Multi-Lingual User Interface

Xperinet courts international markets by offering multiple languages for the MIRV audio/video storage and distribution system.

Annapolis, MD–Xperinet Inc., a manufacturer of media storage and IP media distribution products, has introduced multiple language capability for its Multiple Independent Replay Video (MIRV) server product line.The new database-driven User Interface (UI) gives customers the ability to select their preferred language for menus in each zone of the house where movies are played.

“English may be the language of the tech-savvy community, but certainly doesn’t fit the needs of every customer,” said Marian Trnkus, VP of software engineering at Xperinet. “While icons can certainly help, nothing makes a customer feel more comfortable than seeing their native language on the screen.”

Custom Install customers often have multiple generations living under the same roof who speak different languages. Add to that domestic employees and foreign visitors, and you may end up with three or four native tongues spoken by users in the same household. The MIRV system allows each zone to be quickly changed to accommodate the user with their preferred language on the menu system.

The multi-lingual UI is scheduled for release June 2007 in firmware update 3.4, and will be backwards compatible with existing MIRV systems in the field.The initial release will include several more prominent languages. A subsequent release this summer will include a utility for dealers and distributors to create their own translations, adjust font sizes, and view the changes on the screen before publication.