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Yamaha Produces Ads for Dealers

The commercials have been offered to dealers for local marketing advertising and in-store demo use.

Buena Park, CA–Yamaha has produced two prime time broadcast quality video ad spots to support the company’s dealers and its line of YSP Digital Sound Projectors. The commercials, which Yamaha will customize upon request to include limited dealer store tag information, will be offered to dealers for local market advertising and in-store promotion. The humorous ads parody product demonstrations and were conceived by DGWB, a leading regional advertising agency based in Santa Ana, California. Each of the two commercials is available in 30 and 45-second versions for online or local cable use. They can be viewed at in the “Demo Lab section.

“Our award-winning Digital Sound Projectors have been widely praised by the press and consumers, and have become a very important part of our product mix since they were introduced in 2005, said Doan Hoff, manager, advertising/sales promotion. “We hope these ads will help our dealers promote themselves and our Digital Sound Projectors in their markets by presenting a fun, non-technical look at what the products do, and how they do it. The spots also support Yamaha’s leadership image as an innovator in the home theater products.

Each commercial features a Yamaha spokesperson dressed in a lab coat, as well as a second person participating as the subject for a demonstration. In the first spot, viewers are told the demonstration will illustrate how the YSP Digital Sound Projector bounces focused beams off the walls to create true surround sound from a single component. Of course, sound beams cannot be seen, so the spokesperson pushes aside a screen to reveal an intimidating tennis ball machine poised before the subject. The subject’s immediate objections are justified as tennis balls are shot at him at various angles off the walls to illustrate the path of the Digital Sound Projector’s sound beams.

The demonstration in the second spot illustrates the true surround sound effect the Digital Sound Projector delivers to the subject. In it, the Yamaha spokesperson blindfolds the subject and tells him a colony of vampire bats will be released into the room as the camera pans to reveal a covered cage. The spokesman instead plays a video of frenzied vampire bats, with audio played through a Yamaha Digital Sound Projector, and the hapless subject squirms and swats wildly at the bats he believes are encircling him.

Yamaha’s latest Digital Sound Projectors employ 21 to 40 built-in sound beam drivers and two built-in subwoofers that bounce sound off the walls to deliver true surround sound from a single component. In addition to providing high-quality, immersive audio for watching movies, sporting events, musical programs or any other television or video content, the Digital Sound Projectors eliminate the need to install multiple speakers
throughout the room.

Yamaha’s latest models include the YSP-4000 (MSRP $1,799.95; available in October), YSP-3000 (MSRP $1,199.95; available in August) and YSP-900 (MSRP $899.95; available in August).