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ZeeVee Ships New HD Video Distribution Unit

Littleton, MA — ZeeVee, manufacturer of ZvBox, has announced general availability of its new ZvPro 250 for the commercial market.

Upgrading to HD video distribution in hospitality, digital signage and public displays has been very expensive, as existing analog RF infrastructure must be replaced with IPTV digital technology at both the transmission and receiving ends. ZvPro changes all of that: it allows distribution of HD video using traditional methods — simple coax and tuners in the TVs. The enabling technology is the creation of a local HD channel for broadcast on-premise; the ZvPro 250 delivers this capability at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions.

“Since the introduction of ZvBox last May, we have been inundated with requests to build a commercial version of our technology. We listened and delivered.” said ZeeVee co-founder and CEO Vic Odryna. “Projects that were on-hold due to the high cost of HD video distribution are now able to move forward.”

The ZvPro 250 encodes and delivers MPEG2 transport streams modulated as QAM256 TV channels over the full cable TV spectrum. Today’s HDTVs are designed to only receive MPEG2 data; using any other format like MPEG4, H.264 or AVC requires expensive external boxes at each HDTV for reception and decoding. ZvPro tackles the much harder task of delivering MPEG2 compression at over 20Mbits per second, producing HD video that can be directly received by any HDTV purchased today, allowing end-to-end solutions to be constructed at radically lower cost points. There is no limit to the number of HDTVs that can receive the broadcast from a single ZvPro 250.

Ideal applications have some local HD content that needs to be distributed to HDTVs. Examples are: hotels that have personalized guest services, premium video, or local marketing; bars and restaurants that show HD content on multiple displays; public venues like stadiums and airports; or high-end homes where owners would like to access all HD video sources like HD DVRs or Blu-ray players from every room.

ZvPro 250 will be sold to value-added resellers through authorized distributors. To serve the commercial markets ZeeVee has partnered with JB&A Distribution and Toner Cable Equipment, Inc. Additional distribution for the connected home market (CEDIA) is being finalized, and will be announced shortly. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the ZvPro 250 is $2,499.