Z-Wave Products, Wink Team Up to Ease Staples Connect Shutdown

Discounted Wink Hubs Smooth Transition for Staples Connect Customers
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Z-Wave Products has reached an agreement with Wink to help Staples Connect customers weather the impending shutdown of their connected-home platform.

Zonoff, the IoT provider which supplied the foundation of Staples Connect, closed its Malvern, Pennsylvania offices recently. As a result of their closure, technical support for the Staples Connect platform and correlating mobile app will no longer be available, and the future of the host servers is unknown.

To help fill the gap created by the shutdown, Z-Wave Products is partnering with Wink to offer an exclusive discount on the purchase of a new Wink Hub 2. The discount, which offers Staples Connect customers a $15 discount on a $99 Wink Hub 2, not only provides these customers with a seamless transition to a versatile hub, it allows Z-Wave Products and Wink to cleverly capitalize on a soon-to-be-urgent market need.

In June 2016, when Staples announced that it would discontinue selling Staples Connect, Z-Wave Products began supporting Staples Connect service and related products. Z-Wave Products also worked with Zonoff to maintain support and ensure that it continued operating with customers’ existing home automation products. 

When Staples announced it was getting out of the Z-Wave space, Z-Wave Products acquired the Staples Connect hubs, along with the corresponding inventory.

Now, with the imminent shutdown of the Staples Connect hub, Z-Wave Products and Wink are creating a “safety net” for Staples Connect customers that will help ensure continuous service while introducing a new audience to the popular Wink hub. 

“We are very pleased to partner with Wink in this endeavor,” said Matthew Davis, vice president of product development of ZWaveProducts.com. “We’re even more pleased to be able to help loyal Staples Connect users continue to enjoy the comfort, convenience and safety that the Staples Connect product has been providing them.”