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How Orro’s AI-Driven Approach to Lighting Control is a Game-Changer


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Orro believes programming a lighting control system shouldn’t be so complicated. In fact, they think the switches should be smart enough to configure themselves—minimal programming on your part. Learn how Orro enables effortless lighting control from one seemingly simple wall switch by tuning to Residential Systems recent podcast with Orro Head of Channel Development Patrick Gall, also known as PG. During our conversation, PG shares the secrets behind the Orro switch’s remarkable ability to quickly learn and adapt to users’ illumination routines. It’s a completely new approach to residential lighting that offers a host of benefits—both to you and your customers. You can hear more about them from PG:

Quick, hassle-free installation and setup. Orro switches install like a standard light switch. Then, in just a few days of manual operation, their artificial intelligence has honed in on your clients’ habits—when they typically enter and exit a room and their preferred intensity levels. Using this information, the switches self-adjust the light fixtures automatically throughout the day. The Orro switches use their own built-in intelligence rather than a piece of software meticulously programmed by you to beautifully illuminate a home precisely the way your customers want it.

It maintains a healthy circadian rhythm. If there’s enough natural light in the space, the Orro switches detect it and will give preference to that light because it’s better for your customers than artificial lighting. Plus, when there’s no need to touch a device to set the lights, the spread of germs is dramatically minimized.

It’s good for the environment. It watches for and reacts to changes in routine. Of course, your customers will often divert from their normal routines. The motion sensors built into the Orro switches are there to switch on and off lights based on occupancy, always keeping in mind the available natural light. If there’s enough light, the room fixtures stay off, curbing unnecessary energy consumption.

It’s scalable and integration friendly. Small budget, big budget, modest or full-scale automation. Orro is scalable and integrates with best-in-class third-party products and systems.
These features only brush the surface on how Orro can breathe new life into your lighting control business. Get the full scoop by watching the video below.