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HD DVD Shoots and Scores

Its getting to the point where you need a scorecard to keep up with which blue laser format is winning the format war.


Boston Acoustics Gets Playful

With its new Play Smart mantra, Boston Acoustics is diving with both feet into the Apple-inspired world of eye-catching industrial design and playful corporate...


A Satellite Radio Chinese Menu?

In an effort, apparently, to convince skeptical regulators who must approve their proposed merger, that they are more consumer-friendly, the countrys two satellite radio...


CEDIA Goes for Two

Im sure that many of you are wondering what CEDIA was thinking when the trade association announced plans for a second CEDIA EXPO. Another...


A Tree Falling in the CE Woods

The news this week that the former king of home video rental, Blockbuster Inc., had sided with Blu-ray Disc in the so-called blue-laser format...


The Custom Install Antidote

This week's NY vs Dell lawsuit underscores the need to change the culture of soulless customer service. The CI industry stands to benefit.


High-Rise Living

I had the unique opportunity, recently, to view the model apartments in the Plaza Hotel, which is still under renovation as a private residence...


projectiondesign: Thinking Speed

Fredrikstad, Norway, is not the kind of place that springs immediately to mind when thinking about the fast-evolving video projection industry. But this idyllic...


Dealer Appreciation

During my recent trip to Cabo San Lucas for Runco's annual dealer appreciation "Getaway," I was struck by the longevity and consistency of a...

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