Basalte Adds Server, Amp to Multiroom System

Asano Audio System Amplifies, Distributes Uncompressed Hi-Fi Audio
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Basalte’s new Asano multiroom audio system amplifies and distributes uncompressed Hi-Fi music, and can be used with KNX integration or as a standalone system. At ISE 2017, Basalte presents its S4 music server with app for iPad and iPhone, along with a new amplifier and a speaker concept.

The Asano system consists of the S4 music server and M4 four-zone amplifier. The S4 hosts four digital audio streams for listening to a music library as well as streamed music. With KNX integration, users can play music anywhere, with precise synchronization and clear audio quality.

Combined with the M4 four-zone amplifier, Asano can function as a standalone multiroom audio system. Both in KNX and standalone, Asano’s decentralized setup results in enhanced flexibility and scalability to a virtually unlimited number of zones.

At ISE 2017, Basalte will also demonstrate its active speaker concept. The design is customizable, with cabinets available in the same materials as Basalte’s switches. Options include a variety of luxury front-cover fabrics to match a range of décor. Combined with high-end drivers and integrated ICEpower amplification, these speakers are designed for a high-end listening experience.