James Loudspeaker to Demo Auro 3D at CEDIA EXPO

Company will Highlight Mavericks Theater Speakers and Supporting Components
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James Loudspeaker will offer a live, immersive Auro 3D theater demo at 2015 CEDIA EXPO in Booth 2805 that will feature the company’s Mavericks theater speakers and an array of supporting components from participating manufacturers. 

James will also offer a demo featuring Dolby Atmos and DTS:X using an array of Small Aperture architectural speakers, PowerPipe subwoofers, and other new products from James Loudspeaker, including a new curved sound bar to accommodate curved LED TVs and front-projection screens.

The James Loudspeaker Mavericks theater speakers, developed for premium residential and commercial applications, are a large-format hybrid horn system capable of ultra-high output and accurate reproduction of extreme dynamic transients. The Mavericks series provides ultra-wide bandwidth and very low distortion.

James Loudspeaker will also feature an Auro 3D demo including the required “height” and “voice of God” layers that enable listeners to enjoy the immersive experience of the Auro 3D surround format. The James Loudspeaker Mavericks products for this setup include the MQ84A, a fully active L/C/R (featuring active crossover) for maximum control and efficiency, along with matching Mavericks surround speakers and subwoofers including the venerable M213, featuring three 21-inch transducers (one active with five-inch voice coil) and two 21-inch passive radiators.

In a separate alcove, James Loudspeaker will feature another 3D surround demo utilizing Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Playback will feature content in both formats including tracks from the latest DTS:X Tradeshow Disc. The Atmos/DTS:X alcove will utilize loudspeakers custom built for this application, showcasing the company's ability to accommodate unique form factors for integrators.