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2GIG Launches Smart Areas for Security Panel Partitioning

Latest firmware update increases flexibility by adding the ability to lock down certain parts of the system, leaving others disarmed.

Nortek Security & Control LLC (NSC) has announced the launch of Smart Areas partitioning for the 2GIG GC3 security panel, making it the first and only self-contained wireless security system with zone partitioning, according to the company. The new functionality makes partitioning available to more homeowners than ever before, and is available immediately to every GC3 system — even installed systems — via the new v3.2 firmware release, with no added hardware modules required.

Partitioning is the creation of zone groups in a home or building security system so that users can arm some sections of the property while leaving other areas disarmed. “Smart Areas enables greater personalization and functionality for the end user, while simplifying installation for the installer,” explains NSC product director, Majid Mahmood. “With Smart Areas, the GC3 becomes the first wireless self-contained partitioning panel in the marketplace, complete with a user interface, controller, wireless transceiver, and communicator all in one package.”

Smart Areas is included with firmware version 3.2 for the GC3 panel. It is available now for USB download on the 2GIG dealer and soon via OTA from for existing and new GC3 systems.

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