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abode Debuts CUE Automation Engine for Enhanced Customization

The latest abode software release includes CUE, which lets users create, edit, and manage the abode automations in their home.

abode systems has released a major software update for the abode system, including abode CUE: the technology platform that powers and programs all of abode’s customizable features and actions. Through CUE, abode users can create, edit, and manage the smart home automations that dictate how the abode system responds to specific scenarios or events.

An abode automation is a user-defined rule that tells the abode system how to react when specific events occur. Automation sequences can be set up and configured to make the home work automatically for the user, and the abode custom engine (CUE) is the platform on which users write the instructions to run their home the way they desire.

Every abode automation consists of two fundamental components: a trigger and an action. The simplest way to conceptualize a home automation rule is to think of it in terms of “WHEN this event occurs (trigger), THEN perform this action (action).” The trigger is the specific scenario that activates or causes the automation rule to take effect, and the action is what the user would like to happen once the trigger has occurred. CUE evolves the commonplace industry automation sequence of “When “trigger” occurs, then do “action” by adding in an optional third layer: “conditions.”

Conditions are a component of CUE that add an additional layer of customization to abode automations, stipulating that smart home commands should only be executed if specific requirements are met: “WHEN this event occurs (trigger), THEN perform this action (action), IF this condition is true (condition).” CUE shifts the industry standard two-part automation paradigm to a new three-part formula that allows for new levels of customization.

Beyond the introduction of conditions as the optional third layer to abode automations, CUE enables abode users to create automations featuring multiple triggers (grouped together with the word “OR”) as well as multiple actions (grouped together with the word “AND”). Additionally, via this software update, abode users now have the ability to create, edit, disable, and manage CUE automations via the abode mobile and web app.

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