Access Networks Releases Live Monitoring Solution

Provides Customers With Proactive Support, Expertise
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Access Networks has released its comprehensive live monitoring solution designed to provide the highest level of support to professional integrators. Built upon a channel-exclusive partnership with Cenersys—whose founders have deep roots in enterprise-grade monitoring, Access Networks Live Monitoring (ANLM) is a proactive solution that enables the company’s team of Cisco and Ruckus Wireless certified engineers to monitor, diagnose, and often repair a problem before it becomes visible to the homeowner.

ANLM empowers integration firms to become managed service providers, adding a valuable profit stream with recurring revenue while enhancing customer service. With the Access Networks team as the first responder, ANLM is ideal for integrators who want to create additional bandwidth within their current infrastructure and are committed to providing their clients with the finest networking platform available.

“Access Networks Live Monitoring is like having a full crew of certified engineers on staff as your first responder to proactively look after your client’s smart home infrastructure,” said Brett Canter, Access Networks CTO. “Once we have been alerted that there is any type of problem on the network in real time, we can quickly and precisely determine which corrective course of action is required. We think ANLM brings real value to the residential integration community.”

ANLM is powered by the live monitoring Helix device, a solution originally engineered for enterprise applications that has been specifically tailored for premium connected home environments of any size. All Access Networks Foundation and Unity systems now come equipped with the Helix device, which can provide dynamic DNS updates and DNS host records, allowing users to access devices through a single profile. Additionally, dealers can activate optional Live Monitoring service plans at any time.

“With the addition of ANLM, we are the first to offer a complete enterprise network, monitoring device, and service as one sellable solution from one vendor,” said Bryce Nordstrand, CSO at Access Networks. “ANLM is what’s next; it’s what the industry has been asking for and we are listening.”