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Acurus Unveils New Aries Integrated Amplifier

Indy Audio Labs, owners of the high-performance American-made audio brands, Aragon and Acurus, unveiled a new 2.1 Integrated Amplifier named "Aries" at CEDIA EXPO in Denver.

Indy Audio Labs, owners of the high-performance American-made audio brands, Aragon and Acurus, unveiled a new 2.1 Integrated Amplifier named “Aries” at CEDIA EXPO in Denver.

The Aries is the latest Acurus product to be added to the company’s lineup of amplifiers, pre-amps and home theater processors. All Acurus models are web-enabled for out-of-the-box mobile device control. Additionally, all models integrate fully with home automation systems via Ethernet, RS-232 or 12V trigger. Indy Audio Labs’ new products from both brands are being positioned by the company as “the first integrated amps, preamps and preamp-processors designed to meet the needs and expectations of today’s mobile generation.”

Priced at an affordable entry point below separates, Aries is an innovative, modern audio appliance that departs from the traditional “black box with knobs” look and feel, according to the company. A sleek precision-machined aluminum front panel features a full-color 4.3-inch touch screen which delivers all necessary user adjustments and feedback through one concise view. A simple, solid-feeling IR remote is included but can be set aside in favor of 2-way control through the user’s iOS or Android-based mobile device and a home network connection.

Audio inputs and outputs include a pair of 60-Amp speaker binding posts, balanced XLR inputs and four sets of unbalanced RCA inputs. A line-level 2.1 input is included for supporting down mixed TV audio, computer interface and/or game system audio and a 2.1 output is provided for driving a sub-sat speaker configuration either with internal or external amplification. 

A full complement of control connections is provided including IR, RS-232, Ethernet and 12V trigger. Acurus’ proprietary E2C technology enables iOS and Android control over a standard home network and replicates all front panel control and setup functions with no app download required. Finally, an option card slot on the rear panel supports customized features such as DAC, USB and future I/O upgrades.

According to Rick Santiago, Indy Audio Labs CEO, “Since introducing a brand new generation of Acurus models in late 2011, our customers have asked us for a simple, integrated solution that can deliver the emotional audio experience that usually only separates provide. The Aries represents our answer to that call. We believe we’ve come up with a compelling product that sounds exceptional enough for discerning ears yet is simple enough to configure and operate for the casual listener.”

Pre-orders are now being collected and initial product delivery is anticipated starting in December 2013.