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ADA’s Suite 8000 Series Multi-Room Receivers

White Plains, NY — Audio Design Associates (ADA) has chosen a February 16 shipping date for the Suite 8000 Series — three new multi-room receivers that are based on the company’s Suite 8200.

Each receiver has a feature set for a specific type of installation and ADA customer. All three receivers do share the same basic features, beginning with two premium digital tuners — either FM/AM HD Radio, Sirius or XM Satellite Radio (select any two). In addition to the two tuners, there are six additional audio inputs.

Each of the eight zones has both preamplified line-level audio outputs and amplified speaker-level audio. While ADA’s multi-room preamplifier features electronic equalization that specifically enhances the sound of architectural speakers, the high-current power amplifier is designed to ensure deep, rich bass even when playing music at conversational volume levels. The amplifier’s current-limiting design also make it stable to 4 Ohms per zone while doubling the power output per channel when two-pairs of speakers are used in a zone.

The Suite 8000 Series multi-room receivers also feature subwoofer line-level outputs for zones 1 and 2. There is a ninth paging input including a low-voltage trigger input from say a doorbell. There is also an expansion port making it possible to stack two receivers for homes with up to 16 audio zones.

The Suite 8300, retailing for $4,999 features an RS-232 port and is ideal for integration with other control systems (AMX, Crestron, Vantage, etc.). The Suite 8400 retails for $5,999 and features connectivity for ADA music controls and touchscreens, an eight-source IR learner/controller, system clock, and IR baud-rate translator in addition to the RS-232 port. The flagship Suite 8500 (picture, above) has the same features of the Suite 8400 with a front-panel color TFT touchscreen that controls the primary room as well as all the other rooms in the home.