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Airfonix’s Dolby Digital 5.1 Wireless Transmitter

Airfonix has expanded its line of professional wireless audio products by officially releasing a new wireless audio transmitter that greatly improves the quality and set-up of wireless audio in the home environment. The production-ready AFX-19D5001 is a two-channel, slim-line wireless transmitter featuring built-in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, Dolby Pro Logic II decoding, and three 100W digital amplifiers, enabling support for a full 5.1 home theater set up.

The AFX-19D5001 connects directly to an HDTV, DVD player, or other digital entertainment equipment through its two S/PDIF inputs, and streamlines traditional home theater setups by removing the need for a separate digital audio decoder/receiver. The AFX-19D5001 includes 100W/channel RMS digital connectivity to the front left, right, and center-channel speakers and a sub-out jack for the subwoofer, and it also supports connection to a soundbar speaker.

The surround sound audio to the left and right rear-channel speakers is transmitted wirelessly using uncompressed, 24-bit HDTV-compliant audio to an Airfonix wireless receiver, which docks neatly to any passive or active speaker. Airfonix solves one of the biggest obstacles to home theater installation by removing the need for visibly unattractive wires running to the rear speakers.

Like all Airfonix wireless audio products, the new AFX-19D5001 boasts Smart Channel capability, a patent-pending technology that automatically searches for and selects an un-congested channel from the 2.4 GHz and 4.9-5.8 GHz ISM bands. Because of this unique Smart Channel capability and dual-band operation, Airfonix products are virtually impervious to interference from other nearby wireless equipment.

“We are ecstatic in officially releasing this product to the home theater market. It introduces the latest in Airfonix wireless audio technology into the home theater, engineered into a sleek form factor that home theater aficionados are looking for, but have difficulty finding in the current market,” Airfonix president, Jeremy Wang, said.

Airfonix professional wireless audio products include a complete line of wireless transmitters and receivers that offer easy system hook-up and save time and wiring by eliminating the need for wires between the audio source and the speakers. All Airfonix products are designed to retrofit any active or passive speaker, thereby bringing the freedom of wireless capability to any wired audio system.

Pricing and Availability
Demo samples of the AFX-19D5001 wireless transmitter with independent remote controller are available now. Production quantities are scheduled for shipment in November 2009. For product pricing information, please contact an Airfonix sales representative.