Alcons Updates Cinema Reference Monitor System

Three-Way Sound System Designed for 1:1 Digital Cinema and HD Audio
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Alcons has released the mark II version of its CRMS Cinema Reference Monitor System, a three-way sound system designed to offer natural 1:1 digital cinema and HD audio sound reproduction.

Featuring the company's patented RBN401 pro-ribbon driver, the CRMS combines clarity, intelligibility, and a high-headroom SPL, according to the company. 

The CRMS system consists of a separate, adjustable mid-high frequency section, featuring one RBN401 four-inch pro-ribbon driver HF with a non-vented eight-inch mid-range driver, and a vented low frequency section with a 15-inch woofer with low power-compression four-inch voice-coil design. 

The CRMS-SR, a matching surround system with identical MF/HF components offers screen/surround blending to provide a uniform sound stage and a seamless transition between surround positions in an immersive sound system.

“With the mark II version of the CRMS, we were able to fine-tune the system on details to increase the resolution even further," said Philip de Haan, head of Alcons Audio R&D. "The wider, slanted mid-high top cabinet construction increases the stereo imaging. The new eight-inch mid-range driver and 15-inch woofer significantly increase power handling and reduce power compression. As a result of tight manufacturing standards, all system cabinets are within 'matched pair' tolerance, on par with the finest studio monitors.”