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AlltecPro Adds Two Models of AV LinkPro

SIP Bridge Communication PBX Servers Deliver Video and Audio Intercom Functionality to SIP-enabled Displays and Touch Screens

AlltecPro has introduced two models of AV LinkPro SIP Bridge Communication PBX Servers. AV LinkPro systems deliver video and audio intercom functionality to SIP-enabled displays and touch screens.

The solutions provide people in homes and businesses with the ability to monitor and communicate with their door stations installed on the front door, gates, and all entries as well as provide an in-home PBX with full function intercom and telephony features.

AV LinkPro offers full HD audio and video integration allowing simultaneous paging and transmission of remote door station video and audio to multiple touch screens and displays.

“AV LinkPro delivers high quality audio and full motion video from door stations to touch screens providing crystal clear intercom communications throughout homes and businesses,” said AlltecPro president Vincent Bruno. “People in the home are able to see who is at the front door from any room with our all-in-one, simple interface.”

The AV LinkPro model number RM360 is designed for multi-dwelling residential buildings and communities. This SIP Bridge Communication PBX Server manages hundreds of channels for enhanced audio and video communication.

The AV LinkPro unit networks directly to touch screens and IP devices quickly without the need for third-party adapters. Technology integrators can configure this solution to add their own sounds and music on hold as well as enabling SIP and IP based devices like door stations, video cameras, speakers, sound systems, touch screens, and a full range of telephone products.

The AV LinkPro adds capabilities to home automation control systems by enabling unlimited video and audio communication between all the touch screens in the home and office.