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Aluratek eco4life Provides Affordable Entry into Smart Home

Designed to encourage consumers to make the step into smart home convenience.

Aluratek has introduced its eco4life smart home products. eco4life is designed to make it simple for anyone to upgrade to a smart, connected home.

eco4life currently features five WiFi-connected products, including a Dimmable Multicolor Light Bulb, Outlet Plug, Security Camera, Lightswitch, and 3-Port Power Surge Strip with USB Charging. eco4life devices give users the ability to operate small home appliances, lights, switches, and outlets from the convenience of their smartphone (via mobile app) from any location.

The eco4life mobile app allows users to access key features of the products including:

  • Remote Management: Manage home lights and appliances from any location.
  • Mobility: Have the ability to power on and off from the simple mobile app.
  • Voice Control: Control your connected appliances and lights with your voice using an Alexa-controlled device or Google Home.
  • Scheduling and Timers: Schedule your appliances on and off when you please.
  • Increase your home’s security: With the eco4life security camera, watch a live stream of your home at any time and give the appearance someone is home with the lights on for added security.

eco4life does not require a hub to operate. The products are compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can operate together or separately. Each product functions individually, but when purchased together they can all be housed on the same application and managed from a smartphone, Alexa-controlled device, or Google Home device.

You may see eco4life by Aluratek showing up in a potential client’s home — it is available for purchase on Amazon and products can be purchased individually at price points ranging from $19.99 to $49.99. The eco4life App is available for free through iTunes or Google Play. The eco4life Starter Kit bundle (with security camera) starts at $79.99 up to $119.99 for the complete smart home system.

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