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Anthony Gallo Acoustics’ Strada and Strada Center Speakers

Chatsworth, CA — Anthony Gallo Acoustics (AGA) has unveiled its latest loudspeaker, the Strada, which features a new impulse correction system as well as the latest version of the company’s patented tweeter: the CDT 3.

Along with the Strada Center, the Strada loudspeakers are the latest additions to AGA’s Reference Series and are designed for high performance regardless of mounting options or room conditions.

“Current market research indicates that size and price are the two most important criteria when buying a loudspeaker,” says Anthony Gallo, founder of AGA. “So, the challenge was to make a small, visually attractive speaker that would sound great just about anywhere, in multiple applications, and still be affordable. We have tested them in a multitude of environments with a variety of mounting options and the Stradas have always exceeded our expectations. Personally, I have a Strada surround configuration in my own family room and could live with that forever.”

Physically, the Strada measures 6.5 inches deep x 12.5 inches high x 5.5 inches wide. And, as with all AGA speakers, the Strada features the company’s patented S2 Technology, which was created to improve low-frequency extension and eliminate the standing wave that is inherent in any spherical enclosure. In addition, the loudspeaker’s new CDT 3 tweeter boasts a new grill topology, which is designed to improve vertical dispersion. Because of the wide and accurate vertical dispersion of the new tweeter, the speakers can be used as dedicated surround channels as well.