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Aperion Audios Bravus Subwoofers

The Bravus 8D Portland, OR–Aperion Audio, a manufacturer and direct seller of home theater loudspeakers and subwoofers, has launched Bravus, its completely new line of home entertainment subwoofers. The new line is the result of over a years worth of research and development. Designed to be both small and powerful, the new Bravus subwoofers offer amazing bass performance without dominating your room with size.

“We listened to our customers and did extensive market research. Our Intimus subwoofers offered great value but our customers asked for more features and smaller cabinets with beautiful design aesthetics, said CEO Winthrop Jeanfreau. We believe we hit the sweet spot with Bravus. By using dual drivers and BASH amplifiers we were able to squeeze an incredible amount of performance out of a small enclosure.

The new Bravus line features three models: the 8D, 10D and 12D.

Bravus 8D Dual 8-inch Active Drivers, 150 Watt BASH Amplifier
Coming in at just over one cubic foot, this compact subwoofer is small enough to fit anywhere, yet packs a punch. It features dual 8-inch active drivers and 150 watts of digital power, the 8D will fill a small to medium sized room with powerful, articulate bass.

Bravus 10D – Dual 10-inch Active Drivers, 300 Watt BASH Amplifier
The 10D represents the perfect combination of size and performance. The 10Ds dual 10-inch drivers offer the performance of a 12-inch subwoofer but they are squeezed into a small cabinet so theyre the perfect fit in any medium to large room. Add 300 watts of digital power and youve got a sub that takes music and movies to amazing new highs and lows.

Bravus 12D – Dual 12- Active Drivers, 500 Watt BASH Amplifier
The 12D is the perfect choice for big rooms. It offers deep, loud bass coupled with musical accuracy. The dual 12-incg drivers and 500 watts of digital power in the Bravus 12D deliver expansive bass.

Designed with performance and value in mind, all Bravus subwoofers include the following features:

Dual High-Excursion Custom Aluminum Drivers
All Bravus subwoofers are designed with dual custom aluminum drivers for efficient high-performance. Aluminum offers the perfect blend of strength and mass to keep the BASH digital amp operating efficiently. Couple this with a heavy duty rubber surround and a precision motor structure for bass that is deep and linear.

BASH Digital Power Amplifier
Bravus is backed by the best in the business. BASH has taken the best of Class D and Class AB amplification and created a new class of its own. By combining a fast response power converter with a linear amplifier, you get the uncompromising sonic performance of class AB analog amp with the unequaled efficiency of a class D digital amp. Toss in a customizable parametric EQ, crossover bypass, and a host of other features to create the perfect recipe for high performance and value.

Backlit Digital Display with Included Remote Control
All Bravus subwoofers come with a remote control and backlit digital display. With three handy buttons for pre-sets and easy access to all the other functions of the subwoofer, you have complete control from the comfort of your couch.

Fully Customizable Parametric EQ with Crossover Bypass
Every room is different and every person is unique, so all Bravus subwoofers feature a fully customizable Parametric EQ that allows the subwoofer to be completely customized to individual preferences. Or if you prefer, bypass the internal crossover entirely and control the bass with your receiver or pre-amp.

Customizable Pre-Set modes for Movies, Music & Games
Right out of the box, Bravus is optimized to get the most out of your passions. If that’s not enough, it’s ready to customize to specific tastes. The presets can be modified for different music or movie genres. Audiophiles can set one up for classic rock, one for classical and one for jazz. Movie buffs can use them for action, drama and comedy or any other combination.

Detachable Power Cord w/ Switchable Voltage
Its easy to upgrade your cord or take your subwoofer on the road. No matter if you’re in Los Angeles or Lisbon, Bravus subs are easily switched between 110V and 220V power. Just plug in the correct cord, switch the voltage and enjoy.

Line Level Inputs
Every Bravus subwoofer comes standard with an LFE line level input that connects to any receivers subwoofer pre-out. Or, if theres no sub-out connection, use the left and right low level inputs with the low level outputs from your pre-amp or receiver.

High Level Inputs
No low level outputs on your receiver or pre-amp? No need to worry. Simply use the left and right speaker level inputs to make setup a snap.

Small Internally Braced HDF Sealed Enclosure
Powerful bass needs a sturdy cabinet. Every Bravus subwoofer is built out of strong HDF and internally braced to virtually eliminate cabinet vibration.

Timeless Design & Furniture-Grade Finish
Each of our Bravus subwoofers features a timeless design aesthetic and is beautifully finished in either real cherry wood or high gloss piano black lacquer, allowing them to effortlessly blend into your decor. This first-rate cabinetry unites the acoustic qualities of only the most expensive subwoofers with a furniture-grade finish so handsome your coffee table will be jealous.

Leveling Floor Spikes and Footers
Included with each Bravus subwoofer is a set of metal floor spikes with footers and a set of rubber feet. Use the metal spikes on carpet for tighter bass by decoupling the sub from the floor. For hard floors, use the footers with the metal spikes or use the included rubber feet to improve bass response and protect your surfaces from scratches or dents.

Acoustically Transparent Grille
An acoustically transparent grille is included with each subwoofer to protect the drivers from inquisitive kids and pets. The grille cloth is sonically invisible so subwoofer performance isnt compromised.

Comprehensive Limited Warranty
All Aperion subwoofers are covered by one of the best warranties in the audio industry. We offer a completely transferable no-nonsense warranty on all of our subwoofers that covers drivers and cabinets for ten years and amplifiers for three years.

Totally Risk-Free In-Home Audition
All Aperion Audio subwoofers are sold direct and include the Totally Risk-Free In-Home Audition that allows every customer to audition the subwoofer in the space it will be used. Aperion Audio provides free shipping both ways, free technical support with live chat, email, and toll-free calls, a free customer care kit including an SPL meter (with qualifying 5.1 system purchase) to properly calibrate the system and a comprehensive limited warranty (10 years on drivers and cabinet, 3 years on amplifiers).

All Bravus subwoofers are available for order from