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Artcoustic’s Spitfire Series for High-end Home Theater

Bellingham, WA–Artcoustic, the Denmark-based manufacturer of on-wall loudspeakers, has launched the Spitfire Sound System, which is comprised of two primary components less than six inches deep.

The full-range Spitfire Professional Monitor is a powerful yet ultra-thin design with a durable finish, ideal for on-wall use behind an acoustically transparent projection screen in a high performance home theater. For the ultimate in low frequency performance, a complementary Spitfire Professional Subwoofer and matching rack-mount amplifier is also available for deep bass reproduction. The Spitfire Monitor ($3,600/pair MSRP)

An Artcoustic Spitfire monitor pairand Spitfire Subwoofer system ($4,140/ea. MSRP) are available now to order from StJohn Group, the companys North American distributor.

The Spitfire Monitor is based on the Artcoustic DF75-55 X2-series, yet with a more compact form and professional matte black finish, optimum for use where the aesthetics are less crucial, e.g., behind a dedicated, fixed cinema screen or mounted behind a fabric covered wall.

The X2 bass system employs twin 10-inch X2 woofers which deliver low-frequency response down to 35Hz, while the twin rippled dome tweeters extend the high-frequency response up to 40kHz at 96dB (1w +/-2dB).

In addition, the Spitfire Monitor is bi-wireable, allowing independent control of the woofer and tweeter sections.

The Spitfire Professional Subwoofer

The Spitfire Subwoofer and PA-300 amplifier delivers deep, accurate bass reproduction. It is marketed as one of the most dynamic, powerful, and controlled subwoofers on the market. Based on the Artcoustic DFS100-75 X2 series subwoofer, the Spitfire Subwoofer has a more compact form and durable finish, making it ideal for the professionally installed home theater market.

A Spitfire theater application behind an acoustically transparent projection screenEmploying four 10-inch X2 long-throw woofers with high power handling and extremely low distortion, right down to 15Hz, the Spitfire Professional Subwoofer comes standard with an Artcoustic PA-300 — a 300watt amplifier designed to provide maximum performance from the subwoofer.