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Atlantic Technology Debuts Front Stage Speaker

Atlantic Technology has introduced its FS3 Front Stage Loudspeaker for home theaters.

Atlantic Technology has introduced its FS3 Front Stage Loudspeaker for home theaters. This system combines three front-channel speakers to create a coherent soundstage with an on-wall or console-mounted flat screen TV.

The Atlantic Technology FS3 consists of three LCR (left-center-right) front-channel speakers mounted in a 42-inch long enclosure with a 4.75 by three-inch deep cross section. Each of the three speaker elements consists of two long-throw 3.5-inch CPP (Composite Polypropylene/Paper) woofers and a 0.75-inch silk-dome tweeter. The woofers’ CPP cones combine the fast transient response of polypropylene with the inherent self-damping traits of cellulose. This provides exceptionally linear response while eliminating any tendency toward harshness. In the audible range above the 3,500 Hz crossover circuit, a small but powerful 0.75-inch tweeter exhibits smooth response and exceptional upper-octave dispersion compared to more typical one-inch tweeters.

The front panel and grille assembly provide a flat speaker front without bumps or barriers to generate diffraction adjacent to the woofers and tweeter. The tweeter is also mounted slightly off the axis of the woofers to reduce overlap interference. All these elements combine to prevent no hot spots or dead zones.

The Atlantic Technology FS3 uses high-quality push-style binding posts that can accept heavy gauge wire. Wall mounting is provided using either two rear-panel keyhole mounting brackets or two standard ¼-inch threaded mounting plates that work with a variety of TV and speaker mounting systems. There is also an optional Shelf-2405 kit for mounting the speaker on top of the TV screen.

Atlantic Technology FS3 is now available in black finish with a suggested retail price of $650.