Atlantic Technology Shipping Flagship Soundbar

FS5 Front Stage Loudspeaker System For TVs 50 Inches and Up
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Atlantic Technology has begun dealer shipments of its new model FS5 Front Stage loudspeaker system. This soundbar offers high quality sound in a size and profile ideal for flat-screen TVs measuring 50 inches and up. 

The Atlantic Technology FS5 is a high-fidelity loudspeaker system that contains all three front-channel theater speakers in a single enclosure. Its piano-gloss cabinet is 50 inches wide but only 3 inches deep, so it can be wall-mounted using built-in keyhole brackets, placed on a shelf, or used with Atlantic’s special Shelf-2405, which provides a shelf attached directly to the flat screen TV itself. 

The FS5 draws upon Atlantic Technology’s long expertise in home theater speaker acoustics. Each of the three independent speaker systems contains two 4.5-inch CPP woofers, an ultra-wide dispersion 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter, and an audiophile-grade crossover network. The tweeters are mounted high between the woofers in a low-diffraction baffle to ensure dialog intelligibility. The sound is smooth, vibrant, and spacious, with the detail and quality typical of the company's loudspeakers. With two woofers for each channel, bass response extends down to 80Hz, more than deep enough for an accompanying subwoofer to be non-localizable. 

The FS5 Front Stage Loudspeaker is now available with an MSRP of $1,199.