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Amina Technologies Improves Mobius and EDGE Invisible Speakers

Upgrades include enhanced mid-range and high-frequency performance.

Amina Technologies has updated its flagship Mobius and EDGE series speakers. The Mobius-i features a new Excelsior exciter, which delivers improved mid-range and high-frequency performance. Also incorporating the new exciter and achieving smoother low-frequency performance, the EDGE-i marks advancements in both performance and dry-wall installation.


Amina utilizes a Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) design — aluminium honeycomb or composite soundboards with integrated exciters that together radiate detailed and full-bodied sound. This spread-source technology more evenly disperses sound in rooms than that of traditional cone-driven speakers (point-source), including those acoustically challenged by hard surfaces, glass walls, and obstructions, according to the company.

Completely concealed, the Amina speakers are used in a multitude of décor-sensitive environments.

The Mobius speakers are engineered to be integrated into stud frame or solid walls or ceiling using either the company’s cavity wall or solid wall backbox, or in millwork. The speakers work behind a range of materials, including wet plaster skim (2mm), stucco, wood, leather, natural or man-made veneers, and laminates. Once installed and covered, and sealed in their own environment, the Amina speakers are impervious to moisture and corrosive elements.

Mobius M7i

The new Mobius-i utilizes the company’s new 2nd generation Excelsior class high-frequency driver integrated into a honeycomb aluminum soundboard. This brings a 6 dB boost in mid-range sensitivity over the previous version, plus an extended lower frequency and increased smoothness and extension in the high frequencies to above 30 kHz. Available are the Mobius5i and higher SPL capable Mobius7i.

The EDGE speaker gets installed by replacing a small section of plasterboard/drywall, attached only to the wall and not the studwork, therefore no special framing is required. Once filled, taped, feathered, and painted or finished over with thin veneer, it becomes fully invisible. It can also be installed as a post-plaster retrofit product.

By way of the new exciter, the EDGE-i delivers smoother low frequency extension over the previous version with increased power handling and a sensitivity of 90 dB @ 1 watt/1 meter including finish.

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