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Andover Audio Launches the SpinBase MAX

All-in-one powered speaker system for turntables.

Building on the SpinBase powered speaker system, the world’s first speaker designed to support a turntable, Andover has announced the SpinBase MAX (MSRP: $499). Like the original SpinBase, the new MAX brings next-level performance and styling to vinyl enthusiasts who seek a compact yet high-quality speaker system to complete their turntable setup without the complexity and space demands of separate speakers.

SpinBase Max Front

Thanks to Andover’s IsoGroove Technology, SpinBase can be placed directly below a turntable. This patent-pending technology is a proprietary means of preventing feedback, resonances, or any other audio-disruptive noises that typically occur when a turntable is placed next to a loudspeaker.

The SpinBase MAX offers a clean, classic design with a heathered fabric wrap and a glass-like acrylic top for a premium look and feel. The main control is a single large knob on the front panel that can be used to turn the unit on or off and for fine volume adjustment. On the rear panel are bass and treble controls for fine EQ adjustments and a selectable high-pass filter for use with a subwoofer. The SpinBase MAX has a built-in preamplifier to work with turntables that lack a preamp of their own (such as Andover’s SpinDeck). The SpinBase MAX also has a line input, for use with a turntable with its own built-in preamp.

SpinBase Max L:ifestyle

Like the original SpinBase, the SpinBase MAX receives Bluetooth music signals from a phone, plus a new feature — users can transmit their turntable music to external speakers or headphones. This functionality provides untethered personal listening through headphones to vinyl played on a SpinBase.

The SpinBase MAX lets the user wirelessly stream music via Bluetooth, and a headphone output offers quiet listening. Its wide variety of inputs makes it easy to connect another source, such as a wireless streamer or CD player, for a complete yet incredibly compact analog and digital entertainment system. And the SpinBase MAX includes a high-pass switch to give it a loudness boost when connected to an Andover SpinSub.

SpinBase Max Rear

Andover Audio’s SpinBase MAX is now available for pre-order (expected delivery in November) in a black or white finish for seamless integration with Andover’s Spin Collection. Buy directly at and at participating dealers.