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Audio Research Announces Updates to Reference Series

Releases updates for the 6SE preamp and Reference 750SE mono power amplifier.

Audio Research is pleased to announce important updates to two products in its Reference series, the Reference 6 line-stage preamplifier and the Reference 750SE mono power amplifier.

A special edition performance update has been created for the REF6 line-stage preamplifier. The REF6SE ($17,000 USD) replaces the REF6. Several component and wiring upgrades provide higher resolution, greater transparency, and better focus, according to the company.

The SE update will be available to current REF6 owners in January 2020 and can be installed through Audio Research or authorized service centers for $3000 USD. Note that an update kit will not be available to convert the REF750SE to a REF750SEL because the changes are too substantial to make the upgrade feasible.

Audio Research has announced a limited edition of the REF750SE mono amplifier. Only 10 pairs available, the REF750SEL ($75,000 USD/pair) replaces the REF750SE, with first shipments available after December 16th.

The development of the Reference 160M and 160S amplifiers provided a number of component and wiring upgrades that have been incorporated in the new 750SEL. According to the company, “This new product establishes a new benchmark of quality for Audio Research amplifiers, with the sonic improvements instantly heard, boasting new levels of transparency, purity, naturalness, and improved micro- and macro-dynamic contrasts — from pppp to ffff — that allow the music to come alive.”

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