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AudioQuest Introduces Mythical Horses ZERO-Tech Analog Interconnects

Black Beauty and Pegasus bring Mythical Creature performance to a wider audience.

AudioQuest’s new Mythical Horses — Black Beauty and Pegasus — bring the ZERO-Tech performance introduced with the Mythical Creatures (ThunderBird, FireBird, Dragon) to a wider audience.

AudioQuest Pegasus Interconnect
AudioQuest Pegasus

To keep the very complicated construction flexible, the upper Mythicals have two or three externally visible separate constructions. While also necessarily complex, Black Beauty and Pegasus house their internal parts in single round cables (smaller for the 2-conductor RCA versions, a bit larger for the 3-conductor XLR versions).

As with the Mythical Creatures, the RCA version of Pegasus uses a single 72v DBS pack, and, to maintain the integrity of the ZERO-Tech system, a Dual-DBS pack (2x 72v in a single case) is used with the XLR version.

AudioQuest founder, William E. Low says: “I wanted to bring Mythical Creature goodness to a much bigger audience. The Mythical Horses are proof that I got my wish.”

Materials & Design

  • ZERO-Tech (No Characteristic Impedance) optimizes Noise-Dissipation and prevents distortion caused by source-to-cable and cable-to-load (input) impedance mismatches
  • Dedicated Constructions: Double-Balanced RCA and Triple-Balanced XLR. The shield is never used as an inferior ground reference.
  • Perfect-Surface Conductors (Direction-Controlled Solid PSC+ Copper or PSS Silver) prevent inter-strand distortion, minimize distortion caused by grain boundaries, and maximize RF Noise-Dissipation.
  • Carbon+Graphene Mesh-Network reduces RF noise-masking effects.
  • Hanging-Silver over Red Copper Electrical Contacts ensure uncompromised signal transfer.
  • Copper or Silver-Plated Plug Casings maximize RF draining, minimizing RF coupling to the conductors

For more technical information on the design of these cables, with a focus on ZERO-Tech and the ways AudioQuest implements it in interconnects, click here.