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ClearOne Adds Wireless USB Microphone to its Aura Product Line

Designed for active consumers who need the freedom to roam around inside or outside of their house.

Expanding the availability of its new pro-quality DIALOG 10 wireless USB microphone to the residential custom installation market, ClearOne has announced that the single-channel solution is now available as part of its Aura home office product portfolio.

ClareOne AUra USB Microphone

Combining true plug-and-play simplicity with wireless convenience, Aura DIALOG 10 USB is designed for home-based webcasting and cloud-based collaboration through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and other apps being relied upon in our increasingly digital world.

Setup of the DIALOG 10 is a breeze with the included USB Type C cable that connects to any PC for audio, power, and control. With no external power source or additional audio cables required, Aura DIALOG 10 USB is one of the fastest ways to enjoy high-quality audio in any application.

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Hands-free and desk-free audio is becoming much more common in today’s tech centered home lifestyle, and the DIALOG 10 is designed to be heard loud and clear wherever you happen to be working inside or outside of the house.

The microphone can be used in a variety of settings such as:

  • live streaming
  • desk-free conferences
  • home walk throughs
  • classroom presentations
  • backyard events
  • local community events

ClearOne offers a complete range of microphones for these settings, with Handheld, Boundary, and Gooseneck, plus Lanyard, Headset, and Lavalier Beltpack options. In multi-user environments, each user can be assigned their own microphone to pair with a common room receiver. The receiver has a large color LCD for viewing battery life, received signal strength, and programmable microphone ID labeling. Microphones can be powered by common alkaline or environmentally friendly rechargeable NiMH AA batteries — charge via USB or optional charging dock.

The compact, plenum-rated receiver can be mounted on a desktop, credenza, under a table, behind a video display, or even hidden above a ceiling.

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