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Dynaudio Updates its Emit Series Speakers

Entry-level passive speakers incorporate design found in the company’s higher-end models.

Dynaudio Emit speakers

Dynaudio has updated its Emit family of passive speakers. Emit is the entry point to the high-end Dynaudio universe. It’s been created to deliver eyebrow-raising audio performance for the price – taking the guesswork out of what, for many, is their first step into audiophile-level hi-fi.

The range comprises two stand-mount models (Emit 10 and Emit 20), two floor-standers (Emit 30 and Emit 50), and a center-channel (Emit 25C). They’ve all been designed, styled, tuned, and optimized in-house at Dynaudio Labs in Denmark. The company’s state-of-the-art Jupiter measuring facility – a vast measuring array – played a key role in their creation.

“The beauty of working on a speaker like Emit is that we can use all the trickle-down technology we invented for our most premium speakers,” says Dynaudio chief acoustic specialist Daniel Emonts. “It’s the same men and women working on all the products, so we know exactly how to bring that caliber of performance to people taking their first steps in real high-end hi-fi.”

Cerotar Tweeter

All Emit speakers use the Cerotar tweeter from the Dynaudio Evoke series, which in turn is based on the Esotar Forty tweeter from the company’s Special Forty anniversary loudspeaker. The Cerotar’s custom AirFlow magnet is made from strontium carbonate ferrite+ ceramic, while the 28mm voice-coil is made from aluminium — a Dynaudio signature that is found in the company’s Esotar 3 high-frequency driver.

Advanced airflow-optimization in the tweeter rear chamber is designed to reduce unwanted resonance behind the coated fabric soft-dome diaphragm. Meanwhile, the Hexis inner dome controls airflow, smoothing the frequency response.

Dynaudio Emit Speaker - Black

High-end Drivers

Emit’s mid/bass drivers, midrange units, and woofers are all based on those found in the Dynaudio Evoke range. Their diaphragms are crafted from MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) – a material Dynaudio developed itself and that delivers precisely the right combination of lightness, stiffness, and damping for accuracy. They’re bonded directly to the copper-clad, aluminium-wire voice-coil assembly for even greater control over their movement.

Dual-stacked ferrite-ceramic magnet systems provide the power. Using more magnets has given Dynaudio’s engineers greater control over the driver’s movement and excursion for more sonic precision. This improves dynamics at lower frequencies while maintaining stellar midrange performance.

Custom Crossover Design

Emit’s crossovers are hybrid designs, using varying combinations of first-, second-, and fourth-order topologies. Giving each model in the series its own combination of crossover designs means Dynaudio could ensure sonic unity across the range (essential in multichannel systems) while optimizing each individual speaker’s performance for the job it is required to do.

All Emit speakers feature a new dual-flared bass-reflex port, optimized to reduce air turbulence and minimize unwanted “chuffing,” particularly with deep notes. And that attention to detail even extends to the internal damping material, which has been measured down to the gram for the right combination of damping and openness.

Emit’s cabinets are made from 18mm MDF and are covered in custom laminate finishes. There are three to choose from: Black, White, and Walnut. All speakers come with magnetically attached black grilles.

The Emit family is available now.

Retail Pricing, USA:

  • Emit 10: $799 per pair
  • Emit 20: $999 per pair
  • Emit 30: $1699 per pair
  • Emit 50: $2249 per pair
  • Emit 25C: $799 each

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