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Focal Introduces New Speaker Line; Adds to Aria

New to the brand are the On Wall 300 line and additions to the Aria K2 speaker range.

Focal has launched a new speaker line — the On Wall 300 series — and has added to its Aria K2 speaker series.

Focal On Wall 300 Series

After releasing its 1000 Series in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeaker in January, Focal now unveils the On Wall 300 line. Produced in its Saint-Étienne workshops, On Wall 301 and On Wall 302 are on-wall loudspeakers to install around the television for home cinema enjoyment and a stereo listening experience. The accessories required for mounting the loudspeakers in the wall are included, and stands that are specially designed for the loudspeakers are supplied as an optional extra.

Focal OnWall 302

These new loudspeakers incorporate the brand’s exclusive technologies, such as its Flax speaker drivers, with their cone made from French flax. The loudspeakers also feature the Aluminum/Magnesium tweeter, offering well-defined treble.

Available in Black Satin or White High Gloss finishes, the speakers fit seamlessly into any interior. This range can also be combined with other Focal products, such as the 300 Series line of in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers, or the Chora, Aria, Kanta or even Dôme Flax loudspeakers.


  • On Wall 301 — $990 each
  • On Wall 302 — $1490 each
  • On Wall Stand — $490/pair

On Wall 300 will be available in the US in September 2021. For more information, visit

Focal Aria K2 Speaker Range Additions

Focal is adding a bookshelf model and a center speaker to the Aria K2 family to work alongside with the Aria K2 936 floorstanding speaker launched last year. Aria K2 is a special edition of the original high-performance Aria 900 range, first launched by Focal in 2013. The Aria K2 906 and Aria K2 Center join the Aria K2 936 in providing a quality listening experience that is enabled by range of Focal innovations, including a next-generation K2 cone.

Focal Aria 906 K2

Manufactured in France at the Focal workshops, this aramid fiber cone is an evolution of the Polykevlar cone featured on 1980’s JMLab speakers. The original was engineered to improve the balance between weight, rigidity, and damping, with the goal of guaranteeing high-quality audio performance with any musical genre.

The all-new Focal K2 cone applies fresh technologies and techniques to enhance the music and movie listening further still. It is now composed of a very light foam layer, sandwiched between a layer of Aramid fibers and a layer of fiberglass. Perfectly complementing the K2 cones are aluminum/magnesium TNF tweeters, with Poron suspension for a smoother sound.

The new Aria K2 906 and Aria K2 Center join the Aria K2 936 in having an ultra-rigid cabinet construction, featuring non-parallel elements — all in the service of reduced vibrations. All speakers come in an Ash Grey finish exclusive to Focal. This premium finish — also seen on the company’s flagship Utopia products — combines with a leather-effect front panel for added elegance.

Aria K2 products work together in perfect aesthetic and sound harmony. As such, Aria K2 936 or 906 can be installed on their own or they can be combined with Aria K2 Center in a home cinema system. Focal also recommends linking this range with the Sub 1000 F subwoofer to give your home cinema installation a deep and powerful boost of bass.

The new Focal Aria K2 models will be available later this month, with a suggested retail price of $1990 per pair for the Aria K2 906 and $1190 for the Aria K2 Center. The Aria K2 936 is available now for $5990 per pair.

For more information, visit