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ISE 2020: Sonus Faber Announces Gravis III Subwoofer

New intermediate model completes the Oympica Nova line.

Sonus faber has announced the global launch of the Gravis III subwoofer. The Gravis III is the intermediate model in the Gravis collection, completing the Olympica Nova line introduced in September of 2019. Aesthetically, Gravis III follows the style of the previous products, with a black leather covering and discreet Piano black wooden finish. However, the subwoofer’s top finishes of Wengè and Walnut matte create the connection to the newer Olympica Nova collection.

Sonuc faber Gravis III subwoofer

The removable fabric grille with metal pins covers a 10-inch (250mm) ultra-long throw driver that includes a Trilaminated sandwich cone diaphragm with a layer of honeycomb in between, managing the driver’s excursion and resistance flexing. According to Sonus faber, the stiffness of the cone merged with its extreme lightness allows the subwoofer to produce the tightest and most accurate bass reproduction possible. The Class AB amplifier can produce 600 watts into an 8-ohm load. A wide frequency range is provided through the included digital signal processor, implemented in the input preamp stage, that allows adjustments in order to optimize dynamic impact and sonic reproduction depth.

Sonuc faber Gravis III subwoofer back

Both high and low-level input signals are accepted — the first by means of a Speakon 4-pin connector, managing the two L and R channels. One or two line level signals can be carried by means of balanced or unbalanced cables, respectively, through two 3-pin XLR and RCA plugs. The LFE signal can be fed to the subwoofer through the shared XLR or RCA. If avoiding cables back to the receiver/preamp/processor, Gravis III integrates a wireless receiver to pair with the optional transmitter, allowing complete connectivity without long wiring runs.

The Gravis III is fully controllable by means of a dedicated app. The user can choose among four presets or modify the cutoff frequency and the acoustical output phase. Delay, parametric filters, and limiters are also available, as is a simple self-calibration procedure.

To minimize the energy footprint, the Gravis III has a selectable auto-on and auto-off function.

Retail price is $2750, and it is available February 2020.

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