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KEF Adds a Titanium Grey Finish to the KC62 Subwoofer Collection

Joins the Mineral White and Carbon Black finishes on the ultra-compact Uni-Core Force-Cancelling subwoofer.

KEF has added a Titanium Grey finish to the existing Mineral White and Carbon Black finishes of its ultra-compact KC62 Uni-Core Force-Cancelling subwoofer.

KEF KC62 Subwoofer in Blue and Titanium Grey 

At the heart of KC62 are three patent-pending technologies: the Uni-Core Technology, P-Flex surround, and Smart Distortion Control Technology. The Uni-Core driver technology is a completely new take on traditional force cancelling arrangements. The unique design enabled the KEF team to create a subwoofer with football-sized dimensions and unprecedented depth and accuracy in equal measure.

The KC62 also features the P-Flex surround, nicknamed Origami surround due to its unique pleated formation. This design results in a deeper bass extension, more detailed bass reproduction, and reduced distortion.

The sensor-less Smart Distortion Control Technology helps correct any minute abnormalities that may occur and thus delivers more accurate bass performance. Supported by KEF’s Music Integrity Engine and amplification, the KC62 ensures you feel fully immersed in your home entertainment experience.

KEF KC62 Subwoofer - Side View

Crafted from extruded aluminum, the curved cabinet blends form and function, providing strength and beauty. While diminutive enough to blend into the décor, the Carbon Black, Mineral White, and new Titanium Grey finishes make KC62 an exceptionally attractive statement, especially when paired with the LS50 Wireless II.

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