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Klipsch Introduces Real Custom Cinema Speaker Systems

The behind-the-screen audio solutions are available packaged as modular bundles.

Klipsch has introduced its Real Custom Cinema behind-the-screen audio solutions for the home. According to the company, the speaker systems are among the first in the market to be packaged as easy-to-order-and-install modular bundles.

The Klipsch Real Custom Cinema speaker systems are designed to fit most medium-to-large dedicated home theater or media rooms for placement behind an acoustically transparent screen in 16:9 or widescreen formats. At 20.25 inches deep, each modular bundle includes highly efficient horn-loaded left, center, and right channel speakers with either 3-inch or 1.75-inch compression drivers, depending on the system, and 15-inch woofers, and two 18-inch subwoofers. The Klipsch Real Custom Cinema behind-the-screen speakers are designed and handcrafted in Hope, AR.

Not only do the speakers deliver impactful cinematic experiences, but, according to Klipsch, they were designed with the integrator in mind. The process is simple: Determine the screen size and position in the room, order one of three Klipsch part numbers depending on the width of the screen, cut the hole or build out a false wall, place the speakers, connect the wires, and hang the screen over the speakers. The modular false wall design will eliminate light creep behind the screen for a professional audio and visual experience. High performance Klipsch Professional cinema surround speakers or THX Cinema Series speakers are available separately to complement the Real Custom Cinema behind-the-screen speaker system and complete the surround sound experience.

The Klipsch Real Custom Cinema behind-the-screen speaker systems made their debut at CEDIA Expo 2019, earning a Residential Systems Best of Show award, while Sound & Vision’s John Sciacca called it “a truly immersive experience that I found to be one of the most engaging surround demonstrations at CEDIA.”

Klipsch Real Custom Cinema speaker bundles are available now through certified Klipsch integrators and range in price from $25,000-$35,000 (U.S. MSRP).

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