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Mark Levinson Expands 5000 Series

New additions include an amplifier, a preamplifier, a turntable and a streaming player.

HARMAN’s Mark Levinson has introduced a new preamplifier and amplifier and showcased two now-shipping source players in a substantial expansion of the 5000 Series range. The new №5302 amplifier and №5206 pre-amplifier and recently-introduced №5105 turntable and №5101 streaming player come as HARMAN launches a new brand initiative that emphasizes the intimate detail achievable in listening to music with Mark Levinson.

Mark Levinson №5302 Amplifier

The brand-new Mark Levinson №5302 bridgeable dual-monaural amplifier outputs 135 W/channel in stereo mode and 275 W in bridged monaural mode. Gain in stereo mode is 25.8 dB and 31.8 dB in bridged monaural mode. Input connectors on the №5302 are a pair of balanced line-level XLRs and a pair of unbalanced RCAs. Output connectors are two pairs of high current multi-way binding posts and control is enabled via Ethernet and RS 232. The №5302 amplifier is priced at $9000.

Mark Levinson №5206 Preamplifier

The Mark Levinson №5206 dual-monaural preamplifier delivers all the performance and quality expected from Mark Levinson at a price of $9000. The foundation of the Mark Levinson №5206 is its fully discrete, direct-coupled, dual-monaural line-level preamp circuitry, for which the HARMAN design team has been awarded two patents. A unique single gain stage mated to a digitally controlled resistor network for volume adjustment maintains maximum signal integrity and widest possible bandwidth. Each of its four-stereo line-level inputs — two balanced XLR and two single-ended, using custom Mark Levinson RCA connectors — has its own individual high-reliability signal switching relays. Like the 500 Series components, the MainDrive headphone output employs a preamp output stage specifically designed with the current and power capacity to drive headphones directly, without a separate headphone amp.

A brand-new phono stage features a hybrid gain topology, mating key discrete components from the 500 Series Pure Phono stage with low-noise integrated circuits for high performance at a lower cost. Also, a hybrid active/passive RIAA equalizer employs precision resistors and polypropylene capacitors. Listeners can select MM/MC gain and optional infrasonic filter from the setup menu, while capacitive and resistive loading settings are accessed from the rear panel. Variable line-level RCA outputs allow system expansion and flexibility.

Mark Levinson №5105 Turntable

Now shipping, the Mark Levinson №5105 premium turntable is built upon a nearly two-inch thick, solid aluminium plinth machined from a single billet. A one-inch thick, bead-blasted, black-anodized solid aluminum front panel contours into the sleek tinted glass display. The Mark Levinson hourglass knob design features as a record weight — bead-blasted machined aluminum with a gently curved profile mass-loaded with solid brass. The tonearm tube is 10-inch high-gloss back carbon fiber fused to a solid aluminum headshell with an integrated finger lift.

A 14-pound solid aluminum platter is suspended on a ground, hardened steel axle and rotates on ultra-precise bearings. The oil-free bearing bottom, made of a mix of composite materials with integrated lubrication and maintenance-free sintered brass bushing, ensures reliable operation for years to come.

The 12V synchronous motor’s control signal is digitally generated to eliminate temperature drift and ensure speed stability and low wow/flutter. The integrated, wide-range power supply is designed for global use with 90-260 VAC. The new №5105 Turntable is priced at $6500 without phono cartridge and $7500 with a cartridge.

Mark Levinson №5101 Streaming Player

Coupling audiophile-grade CD formats with high-resolution streaming, a standalone Precision Link II DAC, and expansive control features, the new Mark Levinson №5101 preamplifier boasts the latest generation ESS PRO Sabre 32-bit D/A converter with jitter elimination circuitry. Applying proprietary Mark Levinson PurePath circuitry, the №5101 features a fully discrete, direct-coupled, dual-monaural current to voltage converter for exceptional reproduction of the analog signal.

The new №5101 features a one-inch thick, bead-blasted, black-anodized, solid aluminum front panel, a sleek glass display, debossed top cover vents, back-printed logo, and machined aluminum buttons. The new №5101 preamplifier is priced at $5500 and available now.

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