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New Architectural Speakers from Germany’s GGNTKT

Self-powered speakers offer high output and a wide dispersion pattern.

German speaker manufacturer GGNTKT (pronounced “Gegentakt”) has announced the launch the Model S1 — a self-powered loudspeaker system for home theaters with audiophile qualities and controlled dispersion characteristics.

Model S1 is a high output and self-powered 2-way custom installation system for front/L-C-R and surround channels of small to medium-sized home theaters and professional multichannel monitoring in post rooms or broadcast facilities. The sculpted dispersion pattern and flush in-wall installation ensures consistent coverage throughout the room.

In the high frequency range, a 6.9-inch (175 mm) long air-motion-transformer (AMT) driver operates as a vertical line source in a compression chamber, connected to a computer-optimized and CNC-milled waveguide. Its 8.5-inch (55 cm) — seven times the dispersion area of conventional dome tweeters, according to the company — delivers low distortion.

In the low frequency range, two 6-inch (155 mm) long-excursion midwoofers are mounted in a closed cabinet. Due to their tight vertical arrangement, directivity is extended toward lower frequencies while preventing acoustical interference. With peak level capabilities of up to 120 dB, both drivers setups provide uncompressed reproduction and thus meet the extended headroom requirements of multichannel sound formats, such as Dolby Atmos, even at listening distances of over 16 feet (5 m).

As a result, Model S1 provides a constant directivity pattern in the horizontal plane, as well as a broad 180-degree coverage pattern. In the vertical plane, directivity is controlled and evenly rising to a high degree to reduce floor and ceiling reflections. This also results in a homogeneous coverage and thus high immersion at all listening positions.

All electronics of two speakers are assembled in a rackable 19-inch wide and 1U flat aluminum housing. Four efficient Class-D amplifier channels made by PASCAL with a total of 560 watts and a SHARC DSP board with look-ahead limiters drive a pair of loudspeakers and can be managed via USB. Audio signals can be feed analog balanced to suppress any interference or digital (AES).

The front baffle is CNC-milled from Valchromat (30 percent stiffer than usual MDF) and finished with natural oils and waxes. A rigid metal cabinet made of steel and additional alubutyl-sandwich damping allows for a 3.8-inch (96 mm) shallow construction depth and stabilizes the in-wall installation. This mechanically solid system provides the foundation for sound pressures up to 120 dB without rattling or vibration.

Model S1 is ideally suited for flush-mount custom installations in drywall, so-called baffle walls, as well as empty cavity in the wall. An aesthetic mounting frame for on-wall usage is also available as an optional accessory.

The self-powered loudspeaker system will be available in the first quarter of 2021. Preorders can be placed from early December on at favorable rates.

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