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Nortek Control Announces New Proficient Subwoofers

Includes new flagship model, the FTEQ-12, and three new models in the Proficient Signature Series.

Nortek Control has announced the introduction of multiple new Proficient subwoofers, bringing the 2021 offerings to a total of nine subwoofer models that cover every audio application for the custom installation distribution channel. A comprehensive collection, the new Proficient subwoofers leverage the engineering and design of Sunfire subwoofers to deliver the ability to select from value-driven models to the ultimate in sound performance. The new Proficient subwoofers join the Proficient Protege Series and are available worldwide from authorized distributors.

Proficient Subwoofer - FTEQ-12

In the Proficient Reference Series, the FTEQ-12 subwoofer is the new flagship model. Featuring dual active Kevlar High Back-EMF drivers that are mounted in a perfectly opposed configuration to cancel cabinet vibrations and transfer all energy into the room for high bass output, Nortek says this premium-level subwoofer will truly shake the house. Each driver is powered by its own 1000-watt amplifier, enabling the subwoofer to play frequencies down to 17 Hz. A piano black lacquer finish make this a must have for any premium space or home theater.

The newly expanded Proficient Signature Series includes three subwoofer models, the FRS-8, FRS-10, and FRS-12. These Proficient FRS Signature Series Subwoofers offer elegance and performance in a space-efficient, high powered design with a piano black lacquer finish. The Proficient FRS Subwoofer models feature High-Excursion Fiberglass Cones that measure 8, 10 and 12 inches based on the model. All provide automated setup, which makes it easy to configure the EQ settings with the brand-new Proficient Sub Station app, and automatically correct for acoustic room anomalies.

Proficient Subwoofer – FRS-8, FRS-10, and FRS-12
FRS-8, FRS-10, and FRS-12

“With today’s exciting growth opportunities in home entertainment and home theater environments, the expansion of our Proficient line with the legendary power of Sunfire subwoofers, will help our distributors and their dealers maximize sales and consumer satisfaction,” says Richard Pugnier, vice president of marketing at Nortek Control. “This is a direct result of our recent streamlined brand strategy that takes the finest audio technologies we have and packs them into our next generation of subwoofers for the distribution channel. This means that more people now have access to the finest sound technology available, and the CI community is best equipped as clients seek to maximize their home entertainment.”

Added Jeff Shaw, senior director of product management for Nortek Control, “In addition to their design, rich bass, and audio quality, we have maximized flexibility of every new Proficient Subwoofer with our optional wireless audio kit and new Sub Station Mobile App. This allows dealers the total freedom to place them anywhere in a room to create a heart-pounding, totally immersive listening experience.”

The Proficient Protege, Signature, and Reference Series Subwoofers are available in June and July from authorized Proficient distributors. Dealers can obtain pricing information from their local distributor. To gain access, distributors can request access to the Nortek Control PRO Portal by contacting [email protected].

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