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Russound AirGo Outdoor Speaker

Often when a client posits adding a new area of music, the custom installer’s mind fills with all manner of complex possibilities: amplifier requirements,...


Gettin’ Down with Subs

What’s harder to write: a 10,000-word explication of the Trilateral Commission’s role in global conspiracies for The New Yorker, or fitting a comprehensive definition...


Paradigm Cinema 100 and 200 loudspeakers

Affordable cone-and-dome speakers give me anxiety, and not in that irrational Billy-Bob-Thornton-antique-furniture-phobia kind of way, or like my best friend’s intense fear of frogs.


McIntosh Previews 2012 Lineup

Luxury audio equipment manufacturer McIntosh gave New York CE press an exclusive taste of its latest product releases, including a 50th...


Garaging It

Putting audio and video into the garage used to be exotic, but the man-cave trend moved it to the front burner for a...

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