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Triad Mini LCRs Speakers

Designed for both existing and new construction applications, the new Triad Speakers Mini LCRs are comprised of two-way loudspeaker systems consisting of silk dome...


SpeakerCraft’s TIME Series

SpeakerCraft’s in-ceiling TIME series, an acronym for “Theater In Motion Experience”, mounts flush in the ceiling. However, when activated the speakers automatically drop out...


Niles Audio’s IntelliControl ICS

Niles Audio Corp.’s IntelliControl ICS (Integrated Controls Solution) is a new whole-house distributed audio system that accommodates popular sources including iPod and satellite radio,...


ArtCoustic’s Diablo Tech+1 Subwoofer

Mission Viejo, CA–Artcoustic, the Danish on-wall loudspeaker company, has introduced the Diablo Tech+1 Subwoofer-a small and powered floor-standing subwoofer. Comparable in size to a...


Denon’s AVR-3805 7.1 A/V Receiver

Denon Electronics is now shipping its AVR-3805 (SRP $1,200), a 7.1-channel surround sound A/V receiver that replaces the AVR-3803, one of Denons best-selling products.

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