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Polk Audio Introduces Its First Dolby Atmos Soundbar System

The Signa S4 soundbar with wireless subwoofer delivers Dolby Atmos surround sound and crystal-clear dialog.

Polk Audio has announced its first Dolby Atmos soundbar system, the Signa S4, which features seven drivers, including two upward-firing speakers, that deliver 3D surround sound. When paired with the included wireless subwoofer, the complete soundbar system provides a cinematic surround sound experience at a great value.

Polk Audio Signa S4 Soundbar - Lifestyle

The Signa S4 uses two upward-firing speakers that deliver Dolby Atmos height channels to create lifelike overhead sound. The Signa S4 can also up-mix non-Atmos content, rendering height, surround, and center channels to create a virtual Atmos experience.

In addition, the Signa S4’s seven-speaker array features a discrete center channel and optimized left/right tweeters and woofers. The dedicated center channel is paired with Polk’s patented VoiceAdjust technology to improve dialog intelligibility and ensure listeners don’t miss a word during intense action scenes, sporting events, and especially when viewing at lower volumes, such as night-time.

The Signa S4 includes a wireless subwoofer. The subwoofer connects wirelessly to the soundbar automatically on start-up and can be placed nearly anywhere in the room (within 33 feet/10 meters). In addition, the Bass Adjust feature controls low frequency output on both the soundbar and subwoofer, generating an optimized blend and maximum impact at any desired level.

Polk Audio Signa S4 Soundbar -  subwoofer

In addition to the sound customization provided by Polk VoiceAdjust and Bass Adjust, users will appreciate one-button access to presets that have been fine tuned for movie or music listening. In addition, Signa S4 offers Night Mode, which automatically attenuates bass output and accentuates dialog clarity so users can avoid disturbing sleeping neighbors or family members during late-night binge-watching sessions.

With one connection via the included HDMI or optical cable (or aux-in for older TVs), the soundbar is ready to use. Built-in HDMI eARC can pass through eight channels of uncompressed audio. For added convenience, the Signa S4 is pre-programmed to work with most TV remotes, and pairs with mobile devices via Bluetooth to facilitate streaming. The low-profile design of the Signa S4 is suited for any décor, and it can be wall-mounted.

Polk Audio Signa S4 Soundbar - Rear Panel

The Polk Audio Signa S4 Dolby Atmos sound bar system comes complete with HDMI and optical cables for effortless connectivity. The Signa S4 is available now, direct from or through authorized Polk resellers for an MSRP of $399 ($ U.S.).

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