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Pro Audio Technology Now Shipping ALC-3316 Amplified Loudspeaker Controller with Companion Configurator Software

Each ALC-3316 provides eight balanced analog audio inputs and nine channels of amplification.

Pro Audio Technology (PRO) is now shipping the ALC-3316 Amplified Loudspeaker Controller worldwide. First seen and demonstrated at CEDIA Expo 2019, the ALC-3316 includes a 96 kHz/32-bit DSP processing engine that combines the functionality of a multichannel DSP processor, a high-power multichannel home theater or distributed audio amplifier, a multichannel mixing amplifier, and a high-resolution loudspeaker processor with built-in matrix bass management – all in a 1U chassis. Simultaneously, PRO announces its new companion Configurator Amplified Loudspeaker Controller software.

With eight balanced analog audio inputs and nine speaker outputs, the fan-less, 1U ALC-3316 offers three 300 watts high-current amplifier channels for subwoofer drive, plus six 100-watt bridgeable amplifier channels to drive full-range loudspeakers. As such, a single ALC-3316 can power 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 7.1, 7.2, and the new 5.2.2 Dolby Atmos surround system formats. Larger systems can be deployed by using two or more ALC units.

The ALC-3316 includes 160 user-programmable parametric EQ filters (20 per channel), plus gain adjustment, source signals for system diagnosis and delay of up to 70msec per channel for on-site system-wide optimization and calibration.

At the heart of the ALC-3316 lies a 96kHz / 32-bit DSP processing engine for all Pro Audio Technology (and sister company Theory Audio Design) loudspeaker and subwoofer products. With over 140 IIR filters, eight FIR filters, intelligent power-limiting, and delay in every speaker program, it is this processing engine that makes PRO’s sound possible.

The ALC-3316 includes a full 8×8 matrix mixer, mic input, four stereo plus mono-sum inputs, bass and treble controls, and up to 70msecs delay per channel — useful in today’s large distributed outdoor systems where speakers might be spaced far apart.

The ALC-3316 can steer low frequency energy from any output to any other single or multiple amplifier outputs, allowing bass to be redirected from small full-range loudspeakers to single or multiple “nearby” subwoofers. Small full-range speakers, such as those often used for Atmos ceiling channels, can even be bass-managed to nearby larger surround speakers if nearby subwoofers are not available.

With the launch of the ALC-3316, PRO is also releasing version 1.0 of its Configurator Amplified Loudspeaker Controller software interface. Configurator makes the deployment of surround sound or distributed audio systems easier by integrating intelligent predefined DSP filters to address the acoustic challenges commonly encountered in such systems such as boundary loading, perforated video screens, or stretched fabric wall coverings. The filters are identified in plain, easy-to-decipher English — no audio engineering degree is required.

For advanced users, Configurator grants access to 160 parametric EQ filters (20 input, 20 output, per channel), input trim, output gain, delay, source routing, bass management via PRO BassDirector interface, channel input and output naming, and bass and treble and master volume control, as well as a configurable signal generator for system setup, diagnosis, and testing.

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