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PS Audio Introduces Compact aspen FR5 Loudspeaker

Features a custom-designed PS Audio push-pull planar magnetic high-frequency driver, a newly designed midrange/woofer, and a high-excursion passive radiator.

PS Audio aspen FR5 loudspeaker on stand

PS Audio has introduced its aspen FR5 loudspeaker, a stand-mounted speaker that delivers the same quality as the larger aspen Series models, but in a compact design that fits easily into smaller and medium-sized rooms.

The new FR5 features a custom-designed PS Audio push-pull planar magnetic high-frequency driver, which is complemented by a newly designed midrange/woofer and a high-excursion passive radiator. Available in satin black or satin white with optional matching stands, the PS Audio FR5 is styled to complement any décor.

The FR5 measures 14.5 inches high x 8 inches wide x 13 inches deep (28.25 inches high with optional stands). The drivers in the FR5 are purpose-designed by PS Audio and are tuned for optimum performance in a 2-way stand-mount configuration. The 2.5-inch planar magnetic ribbon tweeter is the same unit used in all aspen Series loudspeakers. It utilizes a symmetrical push-pull design with a high-strength magnet and a diaphragm made from Teonex film, a material that provides exceptional clarity, transient response, and resolution.

The aspen FR5 features a newly designed 6.5-inch cast frame midrange/woofer made from Curv woven polypropylene, a material that is drawn into thin monofilaments and woven and reinforced using a proprietary process. The high-excursion driver employs a split-gap magnet structure with dual Faraday rings and a custom suspension. It’s augmented by a rear-firing 6 x 9-inch passive radiator to achieve in-room low-frequency extension down to 30 Hz. Both FR5 drivers are mounted on a thermoset resin front baffle that adds rigidity and minimizes diffraction effects.

PS Audio aspen FR5 loudspeakers in a media room

PS Audio’s aspen FR5 utilizes a new enclosure technology with viscoelastic damping sheets between the bracing and cabinet side walls and around the woofer. This minimizes unwanted enclosure vibrations and contributes to the FR5’s imaging and spaciousness. The crossover uses air-core inductors, metallized poly capacitors, and wirewound resistors to ensure maximum sonic purity and seamless driver integration.

The FR5’s simple design is complemented by its optional matching stand, which has an integrated wire management system and can be mass-loaded. The FR5 comes with magnetically detachable grilles.

The aspen FR5 will be available in August 2024 at a suggested retail price of US $3499 per pair. The optional stands will be available at US $500 per pair.

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