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Snap One Launches Triad Passive Soundbar Family

The new line features 12 models across four separate series.

Snap One recently announced the next chapter of Triad, beginning with the introduction of a line of soundbars that provide the premium audio performance and customization that Triad is known for, with elevated design and options. With its Triad Passive Soundbars line, Triad is entering a new era of precision engineering and design.

Snap One Triad Soundbars - Sizes and Finishes

The new design builds upon the audio quality that customers expect from Triad, with an updated industrial design that delivers a unique and sophisticated look. The new lineup enhances audio performance with the addition of two larger driver-size platforms and extends the support of custom lengths in both directions, offering a much longer maximum length as well as shorter minimum lengths, making the Triad Passive Soundbars suitable for a wider range of display sizes and customization preferences. Six predefined colorways will suit many popular décor palettes, while nearly endless paint and veneer options are available to create a completely custom product for every unique client.

The new soundbar lineup consists of a total of 12 models across four separate series, with each series offering three different channel configurations, depending on the needs of the project: three-channel, two-channel, or one-channel. Additionally, the width of the soundbars can be ordered in 1/8-inch increments up to 86 inches. Easy Mount allows the soundbars to be mounted straight onto the wall instead of lifting and setting down onto the brackets. As a result, this feature offers ease of leveling, safety, and convenience by allowing mounting without moving the display or other decor.

Snap One Triad Soundbar Lifestyle

A key differentiator that allows Triad to better customize and tailor the finished product to fulfill the customer’s needs and wants is that their built-to-order products are made in the US.

Additionally, the new soundbars will have a simplified pricing model, making it easy for Partners to quote the cost to the end customer.

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