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Sonus faber Debuts 5 New Products

Includes a new finish for Heritage collection, the return of the Stradivari loudspeaker, and the Arena 10 in-ceiling subwoofer.

Sonus faber has announced five new product introductions: The Stradivari loudspeaker returns in the new and improved second generation; Sonus faber’s premium custom installation collection is competed with Arena 10, the in-ceiling model; and, finally, Maxima, Electa Amator III, and Minima Amator II from the Heritage collection are introduced in a new Graphite wood finishing.

Sonus faber - Stradivari Speaker

Stradivari Loudspeaker

The second generation of Stradivari celebrates the iconoclast uniqueness of this legendary speaker. First introduced upon Sonus faber’s 20th anniversary, Stradivari immediately became a unique offering in the Hi-Fi world. Now coinciding with Sonus faber’s 40th anniversary, the second generation of Stradivari balances decades of sound engineering experience with Sonus faber’s signature design intuition.

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Sonus faber - Arena 10 in-ceiling subwoofer

Arena 10 In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

Arena 10 is the latest in-ceiling speaker of the new Sonus faber CI-FI collection. Arena 10 delivers fully immersive home theater Atmos experience through a 3-way speaker is equipped with four woofers, a 0.75-inch DAD tweeter, and a 6.25-inch midrange.

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Sonus faber - Heritage Collection

Heritage Collection

The Heritage collection is expanded with a new graphite finish, giving a sophisticated flair to this iconic line of speakers, while remaining true to the collection’s essence. The graphite finishing, painted on the speaker’s walnut casing, was carefully developed to match the polished steel inlays. The black matte marquina marble base adds a stylistic touch.

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